It's all about people

At the center of what drives me is my love of creating personal and captivating experiences for people — participating in their curiosity and orchestrating delightful moments for their benefit. I draw from a rich skill set gained from over 18 years working in design and technology.

The ideal cannot be accomplished alone

Sprouting from this center is a passion for leading a team of similar genius and guiding them towards crafting wonderful things no one thought was possible. I excel at finding and mentoring talented people, placing them where they'll flourish, and leading them towards success.

The ideal cannot be accomplished alone and my best work has been when when I was directly leading and influencing highly skilled, creative people full of potential.

In previous companies, I have been a people leader and it was a rewarding challenge. I was successful in it. I'm looking to countinue this journey and for an opportunity to lead a team, of any size, in this way again.

Resourcefulness & Curiosity

In every design, I work to understand how everything fits together through research and design thinking — navigating that narrow path between design and technology, where the sparks of UX ignite delight.

My resourcefulness and curiosity helps me quickly learn useful things and train others for success. I have experience in many different design tools and technologies — but I mainly design in Figma and code with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React to prototype. I'm also skilled in animation, illustration, content writing, and photography/videography.

Life and such

I live near Dallas, TX with my wife, two bengal cats, and five sons (ages: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16). My pronouns are he/him/his. I've lived all over the US and I love traveling. Growing up, I went to about 15 different schools which is probably how I devloped my versatility and empathy.