Senior Product Designer
Front-end developer (HTML/CSS/Javascript)


Designing the experience including animations and assets
Curating and editing photos and content
Developing the design and interactions


As a Senior Product Designer at Santander Consumer USA (SC) I was tasked to create a microsite to promote the company's new DEI initiatives and campaign. It was a cross-divisional project that required close collaboration with the senior leaders.

Challenge & Goal

The challenge was that the density of the content was complex with a lot of key points the stakeholders wanted to highlight. My goal was to tell the story in an engaging way — condensing the copy as much as possible and making sure it was easy and fun to navigate.

Project plan and content

These are the PowerPoint slides I was given as a guide for the layout and content.

Powerpoint of the project plan and content
Powerpoint of the project plan and content

The heart of my design flowed from a desire to convey the rich and colorful diversity of our company and employees. I included many different photos of employees, used a lot of our brand accent colors, and created colorful illustrations to support the overall DEI message. I brought the design and content to life with animations, activated as the user scrolled.

I used our design system for this project (that I was in charge of at the time). I created a lot of new patterns to be able to innovate this new experience and I was able to add those patterns to the design system to be used on other pages.

View the final microsite

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